Fadia El Mendelek in Falköping magazine: a Success story

Named after the Swedish city of Falköping, Falköping magazine recently paid tribute to Fadia El Mendelek by featuring a full-page article about the famous Swedish-Lebanese hairstylist and makeover artist.

Having pursued her studies in Sweden, branching out of Lebanon to the neighboring countries, Fadia El Mendelek’s success story is a great example of ambition and achievement, an example that serves of role model to ambitious young ladies worldwide!

Fadia enjoys today an extensive and loyal client base in Lebanon, and branches in Qatar and Kuwait where she oversees all aspects of the business.

Passionate about hair and styles, she keeps fascinating her clientele and creates wonderful looks for them. Whether celebrities or ordinary clients, she puts all the talent and the love in her work, which reflects beautifully on each and every client of hers!

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